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March 08 2016

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Achromatic Doublet

Achromatic Doublet are a special type of lens that is specifically designed to completely eliminate spherical aberrations in singlet type lenses. An Achromatic type lens will focus on a parallel beam to a perfect point.

To simplify Achromatic lenses are designed to bring two wavelengths together into the same plane. Essentially red and blue wavelengths are brought together within the same plane.

The achromatic doublet which is made up of two seperate lenses made from a special glass with different amounts of dispersion. Essentially, convex and concave elements are combined to form the Achromatic Doublet. 

There are various types of Achromatic lenses. Achromatic lenses can greatly differ in shape as well as the optical properties of the glass. Achromatic Doublet lenses have far better optical performance as far as visible imaging applications. In addition, laser beam applications have far better optical performance through the Achromatic lens.

Some of the Achromatic lenses come with an anti-reflection type coating. Also, the Achromatic lens produce superior transmission efficency due to the anti-reflection coating that is added during production. These lenses are computer created in order to reduce the possibility of aberration. Far greater off axis performance as well as greater image relay is achieved with the use of the Achromatic lens.

Achromatic type lenses have proven to be a suitable replacement for the singlet type lens. Complex experiments can now be completed and verified by using the Achromatic lens. Therefore, it can be said that superior performance can now be achieved through the use of Achromatic lenses as opposed to the traditional singlet type lens.

One of the common applications in which Achromatic lenses are used are for Microscopy and Spectroscopy. Achromatic lenses come in a variety of configurations however mainly positive and triplet configurations are more widely used. 

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